At Holmes Dental we are Passionate about being Compassionate to give you a great dental care experience

Let’s be honest, no one likes going to the dentist…but at Holmes Dental we are changing that. We work tirelessly to make your appointment an exceptional experience, start to finish! Whether you are a new patient looking to start routine care, or you are looking for a dentist to perform your root canal, we put your comfort and safety first. One of the best ways to ensure a positive appointment begins with keeping you comfortable. Every team member has a role to play in striving to create an environment that fosters lasting relationships that leads to lasting oral health. Creating a comfortable dental care experience for each of our patients start to finish is part of that


” Dr. Holmes and the staff made me feel comfortable in every way and that truly shows they all care. Dr. Holms completed the fillings and would constantly ask if I was okay or needed a break or anything at all during the procedure and that’s all you could ever ask in a dental visit. Especially since most people hate the dentist. This dental care experience truly was one of the best visits I have ever experienced.”

Gabrielle G.

“The staff is very welcoming, kind, and compassionate. They explain every step of what they do and why they are doing it, along with answering any questions you have in detail.”

Alanah P.

“It was over the top amazing!!! Dad felt comfortable love your conservative approach..hard to find that especially with a younger dentist. Not to mention he was from my home town and went to the same HS! What are the chances of that!!!The staff was amazing. Sooo I guess we can say we are very 😊”

Frederick F.

Was able to get in right away for a broken tooth. Dr was upfront and honest about everything. Front desk gal was pleasant to work with and very nice.

Jason P.